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Everyone has to start somewhere. Here at celloplusus we believe that the key to becoming amazing is to get off on the right foot.


Celloplusus loves the intermediate players, because there is a lot of knowledge and hidden potential all in one room.


Lets get down to business. Celloplusus helps players that have years of experience. We will not let the flame of playing to fade away.

Music Guiders

Jessica Scott

Jillian Scott, is the guider for beginner classes. Celloplusus insures only the best for our new students. Jillian uses her experience and personal relationships to get results for all celloplusus clients. She is a talented and hard working, never stops trying to help.

Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew has over 18 years of experience as an instructor in the state of Colorado. Celloplusus is proud to have Andrew as the guider for intermediate classes. He has helped over 100 students throughout his career and will continue to do so here at celloplusus.


Samuel Thompson

Samuel might look like a young guy fresh out of college, but do not let look deceive you. He becomes a cunning lion with a cello in hand. Celloplusus receives numerous good reviews and appraisal from Samuel. He travels around the world giving lectures and suggestions. Having him on our celloplusus team has been amazing for all our advanced students. 

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